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About Nate

I’m a slave. I was purchased to live a life completely devoted to one task: glorify my Master. But this life of slavery is a life of unfathomable freedom. I’m free to love. I’m free to be joyous. I’m free to be at peace. My life was not purchased by gold, silver, or precious stones. Money cannot buy this kind of freedom. My life was purchased by blood. The blood of the God-Man. The blood of the Christ—the Anointed One.

My life was set free by true love. This love that paid for my life in blood. This is true freedom. This is where death ends and life begins. This is the reality of eternal Heaven and the hope of heaven here on the earth. I exist to glorify my Master. I can think of no life more liberating, no journey more exhilarating, no adventure more breathtaking than that of faith in the living Christ—this Jesus from Nazareth whom I murdered.



1. Jenni Catron - June 28, 2008

Hi Nate! Thanks for stopping in at my blog. I’ve had a chance to talk to Tim and Mike at Liquid and I am so inspired by what God is doing there. I looking forward to keeping up with you.

2. Dave - July 19, 2008

Nate thanks for the comment. I was at the Reading Theater in Manville and yes it was definitely one of the best movies in a long time. In fact it’s the best super hero movie to date.

Which service do you go to on Sundays? I’m usually at the 11am but occasionally I go to the 4pm with my cousin. Hope to meet up with ya some time soon. Till then I’ll be keeping up to date on your blog!

3. David Butler - August 17, 2008

I loved your about page, and we also love what Liquid is all about. As a church planter in Middlesex County, we’ve visited liquid and have walked away inspired. Keep up the great blogging and ministry.

4. lnfritzky - September 15, 2009

hello nate, it seems odd that i am only responding to your comment now, 15 some odd months after you posted on my blog… however i never saw that comment until just now 🙂 lol.

it doesnt appear that you have blogged much in the past several months, and according to your update on purevolume it seems as though youve been keeping it low-key.

i just wanted to say that i like your blog though, and am interested in looking through more of your posts as i get the time. your music is nice too 🙂

hope you are well, — nichole.

5. samson - November 19, 2009

Hy Nate Glad to hear and Proud of What God has done..!!! Jesus ROcks.!! 🙂

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