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Relentless love, pt. 1. . . July 3, 2008

Posted by Nate in Spirituality.

Love hurts. It’s a complicated thing. It makes life complicated and confounds the strongest, the wisest, the bravest.

And it complicates God’s life.

God’s all-powerful. Why complicate matters by creating love? Why make life so difficult by being love?

Because overcoming the most complicated obstacle reveals something about this God. His power is overwhelming. He’s relentless in His pursuit. And He’ll prove it by going to His death.

Ironically enough, the object of His love would be the very thing that kills Him.

When a man falls in love, he places his heart in the hands of the woman he loves. It certainly complicates life. But I figure that’s another way we’re made in the image of God. A man’s love is relentless. He’ll pursue the woman he loves with everything inside him. He places his heart in her hands, and the choice is now hers. She can stab his heart or she can accept it.

God’s love is relentless. He’s chosen us for His Bride. He placed His Son in our hands, and the choice is now ours. We can kill Him or accept Him.

So it seems God understands my pain. Better than I could possibly fathom. He placed His Heart in the hands of humanity, and we pierced His Heart not once or twice, but three times. Right hand. Left hand. Feet. We shamed Him and placed His Heart on display atop of a hill called “The Skull.”

Not to diminish the intensity of the story of God, but I think that every time our love is rejected, we get a tiny glimpse of what that pain must have been like.



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