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The closest person. . . May 14, 2008

Posted by Nate in Christianity, Friends.

“In essentials, unity, in non-essentials diversity, in all things charity.”

~St. Augustine

I was chatting with a friend of mine today who is going through a rough patch with a very close friend of hers. The words that stuck out to me during our conversation were these: “It just confirms to me that the closest person is the one who can hurt and disappoint you the most.”

I wished I could have reached through my phone and hugged her at that moment. I wanted to tell her that the One closest to her would never hurt her like that. She knew, but she’d forgotten for a moment. We all forget.

It can be difficult to visualize the Person who truly is the closest to us. After all, He is a Spirit. But outside His Word and His manifestation of Himself in Christ, I sometimes wonder if He’s chosen to reflect His perfect love through His children. I mean, we are made in His image, aren’t we? Is it possible that His perfect love can actually flow through us untainted by our brokenness? Is it possible to be so knit to our Creator that His love pours out on others in an unadulterated manner?

One of the fruits of the Spirit is love. I believe that by allowing the Spirit of God to enter our lives completely, His love will outflow perfectly. I don’t think it’s coincidence either that the Apostle Paul placed love first in the list of fruits (Galatians 5.22-23). This dovetails nicely with the passage on love that Paul wrote in his letter to the church in Corinth (I Corinthians 13) in which he writes, “The greatest of these is love.”

My buddy Chaz captured this idea beautifully in his latest design here. May love permeate everything we say and do. Love above all.

“This prayer is short, Father. I ask one thing tonight: help me to love as You love. Pour Your Spirit into my life so much that Your love touches everyone I come in contact with. Your love, Father-God, not mine. Mine is flawed; mine is weak. Mine will hurt and will betray. But Yours is perfect. Yours transcends loyalties and biases. Your love sees past the charade and cuts right to the heart of man. I want to love others like that.”



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