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Religion=Death (Pt. 1) April 25, 2008

Posted by Nate in Christianity.

I hate religion.

Religion can yield one of two outcomes in an individual: pride or despair.

In both cases, there is nothing more than an emptiness of spirit. Life is devoid of any real meaning. The only thing left is the pursuit of “measuring up.”

But the person will never measure up, because God is perfect. And, let’s face it, none of us are perfect. Not one of us can say, “I measure up.” But we try.

We make ourselves feel better–more religious–by comparing ourselves to those around us. “I’m pretty decent.”

Or, we make ourselves feel worthless. “I’ll never attain that standard.”

If you get nothing else from this note, get this: Religion is a man-made attempt to reach God.

Stop trying to reach God. It’s a meaningless endeavor, and you’ll only end up failing miserably. God has already made an attempt to reach us. And unlike ours, his attempt didn’t fail.



1. John - May 13, 2008

Religion is BS. Jesus didn’t die for us to have a religion. He died for us to have a relationship. One that transcends through him and into others. A relationship of unconditional love. Wars and all the negative things in this world may seem like they are started or are created over religions. The truth is that wars begin when there is a lack of communication in the relationship(s) between two or more parties. If the world and its people were more willing to be open, honest, and cooperative we wouldn’t have so many problems.

2. Nate - May 13, 2008

I edited the post not because of the comment, but because the sentence in question had absolutely nothing to do with the point of this post. Sorry.

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